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One thing about being a photographer, or a videomaker or a diarist, is that you become the keeper of memories. Things that pass from other people's minds are still in your files, your shoe boxes, your negative bins your notebooks -- those ordinary moments preserved with a clarity and when things happen, they're there to remind you and to make that day live again.

One of the up-sides of spending two years running around photographing people is that you get to see a lot of places and meet a lot of people. And one of the down sides, is that you suddenly know three hundred more people and three score more animals than you did when you started out and one by one you get to hear that they've died.

Fleming was, I think without a doubt, the most articulate person in the book. Both he and his wife were witty, and kind and delightful and their photo was always one of the most popular -- it was certainly my favorite in the whole book. (You can read their entry here.)

I was surprised to hear today that he'd died suddenly. An infection set in after routine surgery and the world is a little poorer for his passing.

I'll be at the library

Really nice review of Armed America from the Northampton Community College Libraries in Bethlehem and Tannersville, Pennsylvania.

They say:

"This book will demolish any preconceived notion you may have about the “typical” American gun owner. Arranged like a family photo album, this series of portraits links the faces of real people to the hotly contested meaning of the Second Amendment right to bear arms."

A good way to share books that you like with others (including Armed America) is by donating them to your local library.
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English Gun Owners

I tried doing an article on British gun owners but found I couldn't get enough of them willing to be photographed. James Dare has succeeded where I failed. I give you this beautifully photographed collection of British Gun Owners:

National Geographic

National Geographic Explorer is doing a segment on Armed America. I'll be down in Washington next week.

There's also a video up on youtube from the Authors @ Google lecture I did

New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer

The New York Times did a nice review called "Stained Glass with Shotguns" on May 15th and then the Philadelphia Inquirer did a huge article that took up three pages of the magazine section called "Keeping and Bearing Arms" which was very nice.

The German press is ubiquitious -- I can't even keep up with all the reviews. Photographie picked it as their book of the month in May.


Lots of press coming out of Germany -- my inability to speak the language is partly responsible for my not keeping up with it. This one came out today (translated by Doug Sharp):

"The result manages to impress on many different levels because "Armed
America" works not only quite excellently in itself, but also as a
contribution to global social discourse. At a purely aesthetic level,
Cassidy has succeeded in creating a portrait album that presents images
that are anthropocentric and expertly characterise people."



This afternoon I did an interview with ESPN Outdoors (which may be a little bit strange, since the whole book takes place indoors but I'm not complaining) and then with the New York Times. They should both be out within a week. I'm excited about both of them.

I'm surprised at how much better I've gotten at interviews in the past few months. The answer really just is "be friendly, be yourself, be excited."
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