The Post Crescent has a really nice article about the book here.

in part:

Controversial gun, art book turns Iola's staid Krause inside out

IOLA — The most provocative work Krause Publications has ever produced started with a chance conversation between the author and a political operative.


Cassidy didn't have any idea how a publisher would react. He sent out 10 photos with a letter of introduction. Krause — best known for books about coins and doll collecting — called in less than 72 hours.

"I was blown away," said Paul Kennedy, Cassidy's editor at Krause. "Each one made me stop, put it down, pick it up."

The book turned the tiny, staid Krause inside out and gave it its first publication ever listed among's Editors' Top 100 picks, where it ranked 61 overall and No. 8 among art and photography books in 2007.

"We have a very strong tradition and history in firearms, but to put it mildly, nothing like this. It's a totally different beast for us," Kennedy said. "It's not for the collector, it's not for somebody who wants more information about firearms. I've been here for more than 10 years and we have not published a book that has caused so much excitement, so much debate, so much enthusiasm. I don't think there's any gray."
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quick! everybody do a book of gun owner portraits!

Someone just forwarded this to me. It's nice to know that you're at the front of the wave....

"We are photographers from London, England, working on a photographic project for a book called 'Right to Bear Arms'.... and are looking for people who would be willing to have us take their portraits. We would like to meet people from all walks of life ... You do not need to pose - all we want is you standing still holding your gun - very easy! We don't want models only real people. We love the South and we want to show it exactly as it is.

The aim of the book is to create a series of photographic portraits of gun owners in the South
and their belief in their right to bear arms."


Had a nice inter view With Susan Squire from the Post-Crescent in Appleton, WI. The article should be out some time this week.
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The Armed America website got a face lift.

There have been a bunch of articles in European magazines lately and one huge four page feature in Marie Claire in Australia.

If you're visiting us from the Sunburnt Land, G'day!
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Going Viral Today Are We? and both picked up a blog post on funtasticus about Armed America and it's in the top 10 on both of those. Last time the blogosphere went crazy about this, my book wasn't out and I always thought we'd missed out. Who knows, we might get a second chance on the ride.

Of course, feel free to blog about the funtasticus blog or the lj blog post :-)

All any artist can hope for is that their work gets seen by people who'd like to see it. I've been very lucky, not just in this, but in everything. It's been a good life.

*** EDIT ****

* Scalzi's blog picked it up too
* Cynical blog picked it up
* Josh Kamler's Tiny Gigantic picked it up.
* Al Power picked it up. and says that "you can immediately see the photographer was aiming to shock viewers by portraying gun owners as nut-jobs" -- which I sadly take exception to.
* Sinnick on LJ picked it up
* Johnsenclan picked it up.</a>
* Trader Eyal picked it up.
* Toby Central
* g-lide on livejournal picked it up (in Russian)
* picked it up (also in Russian)
* Pieterb's blog picked it up
* Blogsdon calls it "some really great portraits"

*** EDIT ***
My sales ranking just jumped from 50,000 to 9,317

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